Dialogue about phase I of F.S.O. PARK has started!

Dialogue about stage I of the F.S.O. investment PARK has started!F.S.O. PARK 🌳 🏡 🚲 👪 will be a multifunctional, sustainable and ecological City of the Future located on a 62 ha plot at 88 Jagiellońska st in Praga Północ, owned by OKAM Capital.This place will change the face of the post-industrial area of the […]


On March 22, we celebrate World Water Day established by the UN.

Water plays a huge role in nature, and therefore in human life. Unfortunately, billions of people around the world do not have access to running and clean drinking water, and this problem also affects people in Europe. This is due, among other things, to climate change, and the situation is expected to get even worse! […]


10 new lease contracts on the plot of the former FSO in Warsaw.

Recently, we have concluded 10 new lease agreements on the property of the former FSO in Warsaw, at 88 Jagiellońska street, with a total rentable area exceeding 13,000 sq m. These contracts cover office, warehouse and yard spaces, bringing various benefits to companies operating in the warehousing, service, transport and education industries. Currently, over 150 […]


EkoCentrum Punkt Zwrotny nominated in the category: Initiative of the Year!

We are pleased to announce the nomination for the EkoCentrum Punkt Zwrotny located at the main gate of F.S.O. PARK in the Warszawiaki 2023 plebiscite in the INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR category! Point Turning Point was nominated for its environmental protection activities! For the 8th time, Warsaw residents choose the best in Warsaw in 11 […]


Breakfast meeting: Brands are people!

We invite you to “Meeting for breakfast #2 `24”. When? 29/02/2024 at: 12:30 – LIVE – https://archidesk.pl/timeline-event/645/ Anna Watkowska, Member of the Management Board of OKAM City and Leader of the F.S.O. PARK project will take part in a discussion on the topic: Brands are people, in the context of our F.S.O. PARK 🌳🏃‍♂️💚 Link […]


A walk around the FSO as part of the 376th Birthday of Praga.

On February 17, a sentimental walk took place around the premises of the former Passenger Car Factory at 88 Jagiellońska St. in Warsaw, as part of the 376th Birthday of Praga. „It was the great pleasure that we joined this year’s “Praga Birthday” celebration, we opened the gate to everyone willing – residents of Praga […]


F.S.O. PARK during 4 Design Days - 25-28/01/2024.

During 4 Design Day on January 25-28, the International Congress Center in Katowice will again become the largest space in Poland for conversations about architecture, design, real estate, city development and sustainable design 🌍 Among these conversations there will also be the concept of F.S.O. PARK! 📌 On January 25, architect of F.S.O. PARK: Marta […]


F.S.O. PARK - Meeting for breakfast.

This Wednesday’s “Meeting for Breakfast”! ☕📃 During breakfast, over 60 experts from the architecture, interior design, real estate and finance industries will summarize 2023 and share their plans for 2024. Of course, we can’t miss it 🙂.The following will also act as experts:🟢 Anna Watkowska – Członkini Zarządu OKAM City i Liderka Projektu FSO PARK […]


Exhibition of drawings by Tymon Wodnicki.

We have space… he has talent… and she has talent too… We are from Prague… and he is from Prague… So why not do something together? After all, as the motto says: FSO PARK is a PLACE THAT CONNECTS. So: on December 14 to the Main Gate of F.S.O. MONUMENTAL ART Tymon Wodnicki Atelier will […]


F.S.O. PARK on the EurobuildCEE FM podcast!

About preparations for the implementation of stage I of F.S.O. PARK and investment values, recently opened at 88 Jagiellońska St.: Climate Education Center Punkt Zwrotny and the planned exhibition “Exhibition at the Factory” with vintage cars, including: produced at FSO, which will be led by Maciej Bień – says Anna Watkowska, Member of the OKAM City Management […]


Online art auctions. Artists for horses.

We put aside horsepower for those full of life! December 10 (Sunday) at 4:00 p.m., at the main gate of FSO PARK, Fundacja KTOŚ dla koni will conduct an online auction of nearly 90 paintings. Objective? Helping animals living in 𝗞𝗧𝗢𝗦𝗜𝗢𝗪𝗢 Azyl dla koni, that is 28 horses. View the catalog of works up for […]


Exhibition of vintage cars at F.S.O. PARK.

In the area of the F.S.O. PARK investment planned by OKAM in Warsaw’s Praga Północ district, a professional car exhibition will be arranged. The developer has found a partner who will run the permanent exhibition “Exhibition at the Factory” with historic vehicles produced, among others, in the former Passenger Car Factory. The exhibition will be […]


Successes and challenges on the path of a business woman in 2024.

Time for new inspirations, meeting new people and developing skills! A great meeting in which Anna Watkowska, Member of the Management Board of OKAM City and Lider of F.S.O. PARK Project had the pleasure of representing OKAM during the 3rd Women of the 21st Century Congress: When: November 24, 2024, 11:00 a.m., room 2.Where: Hotel […]


3rd Women of the 21st Century Congress.

“Successes and challenges on the path of a business woman in 2024.” 3rd Women of the 21st Century Congress. When: November 24, 2024, 11:00 a.m., room 2. Where: Hotel Arche Krakowska in Warsaw. The conversation will be led by the President of the Union of Polish Entrepreneurs, Łukasz Malczyk, and the discussion will include: Admission […]


Warsaw Home & Contract – Let's talk about building a green future!

– Values – Shared vision – Design challenges – Ecology – Community – Multifunctionality – Revitalization These and other topics were discussed by Anna Watkowska, F.S.O. PARK Project Leader and Marta Sękulska-Wrońska, Architect of the F.S.O. PARK during a panel discussion on: “Building a green future: Integration of technology in landscape architecture with OKAM – […]


3,000 new trees in Warsaw.

Today, the annual tree planting campaign as part of the “Partnership for Climate” ended. This year the event was organized in Białołęka. The local forest was enriched with 3,000 seedlings. Tree planting as part of the “Partnership for Climate” is taking place for the tenth time. During this time, thanks to this initiative, a total […]


OKAM City responsible for the implementation of F.S.O. PARK received the status of: Partner for Climate 2023.

“Partnership for Climate” – comprehensive, innovative educational and promotional activities related to the issue of climate change, which aim to support cities towards climate neutrality. The Platform organizes various events, including: conferences, debates, ecological actions aimed at exchanging experiences and increasing public awareness of environmental and climate protection. The main thematic areas in which the […]


F.S.O. PARK - a unique vision for the development of 62 ha of the former FSO area - possible to implement with the support of the Warsaw authorities and business partners.

A unique vision for the development of 62 ha of the former FSO area – possible to implement with the support of the Warsaw authorities and business partners. The concept of the Master Plan is based on the values: ecology, education, community, healthy lifestyle. Multifunctional and sustainable City of the Future – 20 ha of […]