Real Estate Market Forum, Sopot.

On June 6-7, 2024, the Real Estate Market Forum, one of the largest real estate events, took place.

We were among the participants, and Marcin Michalec, CEO of OKAM Capital, acted as a speaker in the discussion panel entitled “Land Hunting – Time to Start.”

The topic of land and brownfield investments is extremely close to OKAM’s activities.

– OKAM’s portfolio includes both completed and planned projects, thanks to which degraded areas will gain a new life. Among them in Warsaw are: BOHEMA – Strefa Praga (the area of ​​the former Pollena factory), CITYFLOW (after the Danone factory), F.S.O. PARK (after the former Passenger Car Factory), and in Łódź: Strefa PROGRESS or Strefa Piotrkowska 217 (after Józef John’s iron foundry) and the ŁÓDŹ.WORK and NOW projects (the area after the Meyerhoff factory) – said Marcin Michalec, CEO of OKAM Capital, panelist discussion during REMF.

As history shows, OKAM is not afraid of challenges and is constantly developing its land bank, including thematically complex and unique plots. One might be tempted to say that key phrases such as “post-industrial areas” and “revitalizations” should permanently appear in the OKAM dictionary. The company, through revitalization works, brings post-industrial areas back to life, giving them new functionalities that respond to contemporary market needs.