EkoCentrum “Punkt Zwrotny” in F.S.O. PARK – Summary of activities in 2023.

EkoCentrum Punkt Zwrotny in F.S.O. PARK – this is where the change begins!

This is a place for young people that, based on popular escape rooms, provides knowledge about fast fashion and sustainable development in a very interesting formula.

Only 3 months have passed since the opening of “Punkt Zwrotny” in September this year and it has already been visited by 141 school groups, and another 95 are already registered. That’s almost 4,000 visitors in total.

EkoCentrum builds an audience – both among students, teachers and adults (events/open days/film screenings). Among other things, certificates for teachers visiting the EcoCentrum have been introduced, and regular Open Days of “Punkt Zwrotny” for families are planned soon.

We can’t wait to have more fantastic plans for 2024. Congratulations and thank you for being with us.