“Bicycle May” is over.

“Bicycle May” organized in cooperation with the Municipal Roads Authority has ended. The campaign in Bródnowski Park officially ended in mid-June.

This year, as many as 501 institutions, including 272 kindergartens and 229 primary schools, signed up to participate in Warsaw’s “Bicycle May”. 111,771 active participants completed a total of 2,535,556 journeys. In May, as many as 49% of all possible trips to Warsaw schools and kindergartens participating in the campaign were actively made. It was a record-breaking “Bicycle May”.

A healthy lifestyle is one of our guiding values ​​that we want to develop in the future F.S.O. PARK investment in Praga Północ.
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Inside F.S.O. PARK we will limit car driving and focus on ecological means of transport, including bicycles. Bicycle paths will be created on 62 ha of land, which will be available to both residents and visitors of F.S.O. PARK.