3rd Women of the 21st Century Congress.

“Successes and challenges on the path of a business woman in 2024.”

3rd Women of the 21st Century Congress.

When: November 24, 2024, 11:00 a.m., room 2.

Where: Hotel Arche Krakowska in Warsaw.

The conversation will be led by the President of the Union of Polish Entrepreneurs, Łukasz Malczyk, and the discussion will include:

  • Sylwia Kuligowska – Founder and head of SCOPE PR.
  • Anna Watkowska – Member of the Management Board of OKAM City and Project’s Leader of the F.S.O PARK.
  • Kasia Paskuda – Editor-in-chief of KulturaMody.pl/ Photographer/Image consultant in the media.

Admission to the congress is free, but registration is required:


More information about the F.S.O. PARK and OKAM Investor: