The first vegetables and fruits in the area of the future F.S.O. PARK investment planted.

In mid-May, in a greenhouse in the internal, educational courtyard of an office building on the premises of the future FSO PARK, investment, the team responsible for this project planted first vegetables and fruits.

The tomatoes and strawberries have already started to turn red. The first harvest is coming soon 🍅🥒🍓

This is a taste of what we plan to implement at F.S.O. PARK, which will be built on a 62 ha plot in Warsaw’s Praga Północ district.

Apart from caring for the natural environment and education in the field of ecology, what guides us and manifests itself in the planned vision of F.S.O. PARK is, among others, promoting an active lifestyle, including healthy eating. On the premises of F.S.O. PARK there will be 20 ha of greenery 🌳 space for practicing sports 💪 as well as a dedicated space for greenhouses and an eco-market 🍐🥦🍒

As research shows, in recent years the percentage of Poles suffering from various diseases has been constantly increasing, and many people do not feel the need to eat healthily.*

It is worth remembering that a proper diet affects not only your physical condition and a healthy body, but also your well-being and mental health.

According to the healthy eating pyramid, in addition to physical activity, you should regularly consume products from various food groups, such as vegetables and fruits, dairy products and cereal products.

Enjoy your meal 🙂

*For the Report “The health situation of the Polish population and its determinants, 2022” National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene.

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