Dialogue about phase I of F.S.O. PARK has started!

Dialogue about stage I of the F.S.O. investment PARK has started!
F.S.O. PARK 🌳 🏡 🚲 👪 will be a multifunctional, sustainable and ecological City of the Future located on a 62 ha plot at 88 Jagiellońska st in Praga Północ, owned by OKAM Capital.
This place will change the face of the post-industrial area of the former Passenger Car Factory.

– We want to change the face of the run-down, post-industrial area in a sustainable way, to the benefit of the residents of the district and the entire capital. F.S.O. PARK will be a place to live fully, in harmony with nature and as part of a neighborhood community. The voice of the local community is of great importance to us, because we are creating this project with current and future generations of Warsaw residents in mind. We therefore invite all interested parties to share their observations and ideas – says Anna Watkowska, Member of the OKAM City Management Board and Leader of F.S.O. PARK Project.

In accordance with the architectural vision, as part of phase I covering 13.5 ha, OKAM envisages the implementation of:
🏠 approx. 2,000 apartments for approx. 4,600 inhabitants
🛍 approx. 60 commercial and service premises
🌳 approx. 7 ha of greenery, including approx. 2 ha of a central park
🏫 public primary school for approximately 650 students, which will be handed over to the local government
Planned start of construction of phase I: Q4 2025.

More information on the dialogue and the meeting schedule can be found here: www.fso-park.pl/dialog

We invite you to participate in the dialogue regarding phase I of the F.S.O. PARK, which will last from April 15 to May 15 this year.