10 new lease contracts on the plot of the former FSO in Warsaw.

Recently, we have concluded 10 new lease agreements on the property of the former FSO in Warsaw, at 88 Jagiellońska street, with a total rentable area exceeding 13,000 sq m. These contracts cover office, warehouse and yard spaces, bringing various benefits to companies operating in the warehousing, service, transport and education industries. Currently, over 150 different companies and organizations operate on the plot.

As Arie Koren, CEO of OKAM City, emphasizes:
“We renew lease agreements with existing tenants and conclude new contracts. We do not have to convince partners of the advantages of our offer – location, flexibility in cooperation and, finally, diversity of space – these advantages appeal to other companies and organizations that join the group of our partners. Despite the target plans for the next quarter of a century, the multi-stage nature of the future F.S.O. PARK project will allow these entities to operate in our area for years to come on attractive terms.”

We would like to thank all people involved in the transaction!