Historic real estate transaction:

OKAM bought factory land in Warsaw’s Praga Północ district.

This is one of the largest transactions of this type on the real estate market not only in the capital, but also throughout Poland. The area of the acquired land is 62 ha.

  • By purchasing this area, which was once used for car production, we achieved one thing one of the largest acquisitions of this type on the market in just one transaction. Undoubtedly, the scale of the investment will be huge and its preparation will take several years and the multi-stage implementation will take several years to come. This is another challenge we will face at OKAM. In the near future, however, we plan to take action: on making this place more attractive for current and future tenants and ensuring them the opportunity to continue their activities. It is very important for us to preserve the character of this unique place, so important in the history of the Polish automotive industry, therefore the investment will be carried out by us with respect for the past and will be preceded by consultations with interested parties. – emphasizes Arie Koren, CEO of OKAM.

This is not the first OKAM project of this type, combining modernity and the future with the historical past. The company has extensive experience in the revitalization of post-industrial areas. These include the BOHEMA – Strefa Praga investment in Warsaw’s Praga-Północ district in the area, among others former Pollena-Uroda factory. OKAM also plans to implement the project on plots of the former Danone factory. In turn, in Łódź, OKAM implemented the ŁÓDŹ.WORK investment (the area of the former Teodor Meyerhoff factory), as well as Strefa Piotrkowska 217, where Józef John’s iron foundry used to be located.

The OKAM investment in Praga Północ will be among the largest investments of this type in Warsaw, next to, for example, Miasteczko Wilanów, where, however, unlike the OKAM investment, projects were implemented by several or a dozen developers. Thanks to this, OKAM will be able to fully make this space more attractive and create a place where current tenants with whom OKAM wants to continue long-term cooperation and future customers will be able to feel safe and fully benefit from the potential of this place, especially in such an excellent location. Today, the area already has direct access to the S8 route, full public transport (trams, buses, railway line) and bicycle paths. In the future, a metro station is also planned to be built nearby.