EkoCentrum Punkt Zwrotny nominated in the category: Initiative of the Year!

We are pleased to announce the nomination for the EkoCentrum Punkt Zwrotny located at the main gate of F.S.O. PARK in the Warszawiaki 2023 plebiscite in the INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR category! Point Turning Point was nominated for its environmental protection activities!

For the 8th time, Warsaw residents choose the best in Warsaw in 11 categories: cafe, restaurant, sport, culture, entertainment, district, initiative, photo, event, Varsovian of the Year 2023 and Warsaw online.

The final voting will last until February 29 this year, time: 23:59:59.

More information can be found here: https://warszawiaki.pl/k/inicjatywa-roku/

We are super proud! We encourage you to vote. Congratulations to everyone involved in this fantastic project: Punkt Zwrotny!

We would also like to thank the renovation partners who contributed to the renovation of the space at the FSO gate where Punkt Zwrotny is located:

– Archidesk.pl

– Martyna Banaszczuk Architekt Wnętrz

– Ceramika Paradyż

– MAPEI Polska

– Unicell

– hansgrohe

Thank you!