11th of May is “No Littering Day”. We say YES!

Every year, Poles also produce several billion kilograms of waste, and their number is growing every year. Unfortunately, apart from containers, waste is also left in forests, parks or thrown into water reservoirs, which has a huge impact on the future of our planet.

It is worth remembering that the most important decisions regarding waste disposal are made in our homes, instead of throwing them away – we can give waste and unnecessary things a new life, as part of:

👉 Recycling, i.e. processing a used product or material to create a new version of the same item (e.g. cardboard) – in this case, we must remember about proper segregation.
👉 Upcycling – you can process a given item or material yourself, giving it new functionality and greater value; perfect examples would be a balcony seat made of Euro pallets, a bottle as a vase, old car parts as lamps or even a body scrub made of coffee grounds.
👉 Downcycling – which is a form of processing waste from which functional and valuable products of lower quality are created, such as waste paper or toilet paper.

As OKAM, we regularly participate in initiatives related to climate protection, including clothing collections in cooperation with EcoCentrum Punkt Zwrotny, we properly segregate waste at our headquarters, and upcycled items appear in sales offices, such as: lamps in BOHEMY sales offices or furniture in INSPIRE. Building eco-awareness, as well as appropriate waste management by companies and individuals, are extremely important in today’s world – that is why we are already planning environmentally friendly solutions that we will implement in our F.S.O. PARK.

The guiding principle for us at F.S.O. PARK is, among others, air quality, waste recycling and reducing energy consumption!

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