Exhibition of vintage cars at F.S.O. PARK.

In the area of the F.S.O. PARK investment planned by OKAM in Warsaw’s Praga Północ district, a professional car exhibition will be arranged. The developer has found a partner who will run the permanent exhibition “Exhibition at the Factory” with historic vehicles produced, among others, in the former Passenger Car Factory. The exhibition will be located in the building of the former Lakiernia. The exhibition is scheduled to be launched in the second quarter of 2024.

  • Cultural and historical heritage is extremely important to us in the case of every investment we carry out in the area of revitalization. We are open to various forms of activity, hence at 88 Jagiellońska St., there are regular meetings and rallies of fans of the former FSO. As announced, we have also found space within our ‘walls’ for a permanent exhibition of vintage cars and we have established cooperation with Maciej Bień, a reliable partner who will run an exhibition open to all automotive fans and enthusiasts of vehicles once produced in Warsaw – emphasizes Arie Koren, CEO of OKAM City.

Currently, preparations are underway for the start of the exhibition of historic vehicles, including installation and maintenance of cars. A space of 5,000 sq m was dedicated to the exhibition in the building of the former Lakiernia. The exhibition will currently include an arrangement of approximately 200-300 different car models, including Syrenkas, Fiat 125p and Polonez cars manufactured in FSO Warsaw. 

  • OKAM is very favorable towards organizing initiatives referring to the history of FSO in its area. We recently organized a rally to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the start of production, which attracted automotive enthusiasts from all over Poland – nearly 450 cars arrived at the main entrance gate! Launch at Jagiellońska St. permanent exhibition of historic vehicles is an important step towards maintaining the legacy of FSO – emphasizes Maciej Bień, organizer of the November rally and chairman of the Historic Vehicles Committee of the Automobile Club of Poland..

F.S.O. PARK will be built over a period of approximately 25 years on a plot of 62 ha located in Praga Północ in Warsaw. In September this year OKAM and its partners announced the Master Plan for this area. The architectural concept assumes the creation of a multifunctional and ecological City of the Future, taking into account modern technological solutions and sustainable development. F.S.O. PARK will be a place characterized by high quality of life, combining residential, commercial, educational, office and recreational functions. As many as 20 ha will be green areas, of which 10 ha will be the central park, and a number of ecological solutions will also be implemented.