Spring cleaning of the wardrobe – Let’s do something good for ourselves and the planet.

Did you know that each 1 kg of textiles introduced into the second cycle saves 6,241 liters of water and reduces CO2 emissions by 12.9 kg?

We join the EkoCentrum Punkt Zwrotny operating on the premises of the future F.S.O. PARK, for the clothes collection campaign as part of the Spring Wardrbe Cleaning:: 👕 👔 👙 👜 👒 Clothes and more will gain a new life instead of ending up in the trash.
his is not the end, because we will turn kilograms of collected textiles into zlotys that will support the Fundację Splot Społeczny. This is a Foundation that has created a center for exchanging items in Warsaw’s Praga district, a place where you can leave what you no longer need and take something that will be useful to you.

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