PUNKT ZWROTNY – the place where change begins.

The modern EcoCentrum was established on the premises of F.S.O. PARK – 21/09/2023.

Point Zwrotny is a new place on the map of Warsaw, where you can discover the secrets of fast fashion by solving eco-puzzles. A modern EcoCentrum was established in Praga Północ, on the premises of F.S.O. PARK, on a plot belonging to OKAM City, and from today will educate mainly young people about circularity and sustainable fashion free of charge. However, it will not be standard learning, but experience and education through games!

The main theme of Punkt Zwrotny is the fashion industry – this is no coincidence, because young people build their identity, among others. through clothes, accessories and appearance. As many as 62 million tons of clothing are produced in the world annually, and every fifth item is never sold and becomes waste, and only 1 percent of clothing is recycled. Additionally, the production of clothing involves not only the use of materials, but also natural resources. Producing just one T-shirt requires using over 8,000 liters of water – almost twice as much as a standard garden swimming pool.

– Reports claim that young people are aware of changes taking place in the climate but do not have sufficient knowledge and tools to understand their consequences, which is why they often they take a passive attitude towards this phenomenon. “If I have to die anyway, let it be in fashionable shoes,” one teenager told us during interviews. This was the impulse to create an alternative form of ecological education. Game play, cooperation, good and interesting graphics, multimedia and expert knowledge provided in an interactive form are the ingredients of the recipe for Punkt Zwrotny. We have been designing innovative tools for ecological education for 10 years, and creating an interactive EcoCentrum was Mamy Projekt’s biggest dream. Come by and see for yourself how it turned out. – one of the initiators of the project, Małgosia Żmijska, from Mamy Projekt foundation, which initiated the project, encourages you to visit.

From September 21 this year school children can visit Punkt Zwrotny for free. Joanna Studzińska from Mamy Projekt foundation notes: We invite groups of school children to have fun together in four thematic rooms. In each of them, you can discover new secrets of fast fashion through puzzles and games. Players will spot manipulations in advertising and social media, see circularity in practice, when sorting waste, they will check how to read labels. During the workshops, they will save a forest cut down for viscose production and calculate how much water is needed to produce cotton. At the end, we will all meet in a round forum, where, together with the educator, we will consolidate the knowledge gained at Punkt Zwrotny.

– We are glad that this noble ecological initiative has arrived within our walls – it is the first step towards the sustainable City of the Future that we want to create in Warsaw’s Praga Północ district. Creating the concept of F.S.O. PARK, we wanted to draw more attention to the challenges of today’s world, including climate change and the noise that surrounds us, raising public awareness in this regard. Today, we are already building a community of people, companies and organizations around these topics that share our values – we are glad that Mamy Projekt is among them. The investment we are planning will be focused on ecology, including deconcreting the space, reducing plastic consumption, temperature and CO2 emissions – it is to bring life to a higher quality, healthier and more conscious – emphasizes Anna Watkowska, Member of the Management Board of OKAM City and Leader of the F.S.O. PARK.

To take part in free classes, school classes can register using the form available at: https://punktzwrotny.com/zapisy/ On weekends, Less Waste workshops, educational meetings, clothes exchanges will be held at Punkt Zwrotny, and the EcoCentrum will be cooperate with various organizations, e.g. Earth Day Every Day or the Buy Responsibly Foundation.

More information about Punkt Zwrotny: www.punktzwrotny.com

More information about F.S.O. PARK: www.fso-park.pl

OKAM thanks to the renovation partners:

  • Archidesk
  • Martyna Banaszczuk
  • Paradyż
  • Mapei
  • Unicell
  • Hansgrohe