On March 22, we celebrate World Water Day established by the UN

Water plays a huge role in nature, and therefore in human life. Unfortunately, billions of people around the world do not have access to running and clean drinking water, and this problem also affects people in Europe. This is due, among other things, to climate change, and the situation is expected to get even worse! According to UN forecasts, the demand for water will double by 2050, and more than half of the world’s population may be at risk of water deficit.

On the occasion of World Water Day, Hansgrohe Polska, which, together with OKAM, co-created a space for the EcoCentrum “Punkt Zwrotny” in the FSO Main Gate, invited architects and the media to “Punkt Zwrotny” to talk about how architecture and design can help fight the access to water crisis.

The special guest of the event was Ewa Ewart, author of the award-winning documentary “To the Last Drop”. The film reveals how irresponsible and thoughtless human actions lead to the water crisis.

But it also inspires – we learn the stories of people who fight for clean and healthy rivers, it shows that we can contribute to solving this crisis.
Taking care of the gift of life, which is water, is an important element of the landscape of our F.S.O. PARK investment 🌳 🏠 💧 🚴 The project will be implemented in a sustainable way, with care for the natural environment. Our plans include, among others: installation of a 100% rainwater retention system. It is to be fully developed on our 62 ha plot using rain gardens, infiltration basins, bioretention ditches, retention ponds and underground seepage tanks. The recovered water will first be used to maintain the water level in retention ponds and then redirected to the toilet flushing installation or public sewage system. We also plan to use local pre-treatment stations for the recovery of gray sewage from apartments.


Let’s remember to save water every day, not only on World Water Day!