#EarthDay in the area of the future F.S.O. PARK investment.

The first symbolic tree planted in front of the EcoCentrum Punkt Zwrotny on the occasion of the largest international ecological holiday: Earth Day – April 22, 2024!

#Lipa Broad-leafed linden is the beginning of the transformation that begins in the area of the former #FSO and the future FSO PARK.

The planted example of the broad-leafed linden tree is approximately 15-20 years old and approximately 5 m high. Lindens are the second longest-living European trees after oaks – on average 300-500 years – which means that many generations will have the opportunity to see this tree. Ultimately, it will be transplanted into a 10-hectare central park, which will be partially implemented as part of phase I of the F.S.O. PARK.

In addition to OKAM representatives, the event was also attended by:

🌿 Representatives of Ekocentrum Punkt Zwrotny.

🌿 Youth of Akademia Dobrej Edukacji – Warszawa.

🌿 Emilia Ulińska and the team from Ulińscy – Szkółka Roślin – founder of the broad-leafed linden tree and other plants

🌿 Benedykt Kawecki with the team – an architect, a specialist in plants and greenery design from AKBK studio (Architektura Krajobrazu Benedykt Kawęcki), who was responsible for the planting arrangement project.

🌿 hansgrohe – founder of awards for young people..

🌿 Media representatives.

More about F.S.O. PARK at: www.fso-park.pl

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