We are joining the campaign: BIKE MAY!

At the beginning of the month, the next edition of the nationwide ‘Bicycle May’ campaign, addressed to primary schools and kindergartens, began. Its idea is to popularize physical activity and riding two-wheelers among the youngest, with over 145,000 participants. kids.


A healthy lifestyle is one of the values that we want to develop in the future F.S.O. PARK investment 🌳 🏡 🌳 Inside F.S.O. PARK we will limit car driving and focus on ecological means of transport, including bicycles. Bicycle paths will be created on 62 ha of land, which will be available to both residents and visitors of F.S.O. PARK.

Taking a ride or permanently switching from four wheels to two wheels brings many benefits – exercise in any form is, above all, health: it improves your mood, strengthens your immunity and improves your heart function! It is also a great value for the environment – unlike cars, bicycles do not emit CO2 and produce a much lower noise level.

We encourage you to use this form of transport not only in May!

We’re switching to bikes 🚗 👉 🚴

Our OKAM’s dog: Korek also rides a bike 😉

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