Permanent exhibition of vintage cars at F.S.O. PARK!

We are pleased to announce that a professional exhibition with vehicles manufactured by, among others, will be opened in the second quarter of 2024. in the former Passenger Car Factory. We would like to thank Maciej Bień for organizing the 72nd anniversary reunion to celebrate the start of production at FSO and for managing the future exhibition.

As Anna Watkowska, Member of the OKAM City Management Board and F.S.O. PARK Project Leader, emphasizes: As announced, we have found space within our ‘walls’ for a permanent exhibition of vintage cars and we have established cooperation with a reliable partner who will run an exhibition open to all automotive fans and enthusiasts of vehicles once produced in Warsaw.
The exhibition will initially include approximately 200 vehicles, including Syrenkas, Fiat 125p and Polonez. It will be located on 5,000 sq m of space in the building of the former Lakiernia at 88 Jagiellońska St. in Praga Północ. Preparations for the launch of the exhibition are currently underway, including installation and maintenance of cars.

Listen to an interesting conversation between passionate people:
Anna Watkowska – Member of the OKAM City Management Board and F.S.O. PARK Project Leader and Maciek Bień – Organizer of the “Factory Exhibition”