Dialogue about phase I of F.S.O. PARK has started!

Dialogue about stage I of the F.S.O. investment PARK has started!
F.S.O. PARK 🌳 🏡 🚲 👪 will be a multifunctional, sustainable and ecological City of the Future located on a 62 ha plot at 88 Jagiellońska st in Praga Północ, owned by OKAM Capital.
This place will change the face of the post-industrial area of the former Passenger Car Factory.

– We want to change the face of the run-down, post-industrial area in a sustainable way, to the benefit of the residents of the district and the entire capital. F.S.O. PARK will be a place to live fully, in harmony with nature and as part of a neighborhood community. The voice of the local community is of great importance to us, because we are creating this project with current and future generations of Warsaw residents in mind. We therefore invite all interested parties to share their observations and ideas – says Anna Watkowska, Member of the OKAM City Management Board and Leader of F.S.O. PARK Project.

In accordance with the architectural vision, as part of phase I covering 13.5 ha, OKAM envisages the implementation of:
🏠 approx. 2,000 apartments for approx. 4,600 inhabitants
🛍 approx. 60 commercial and service premises
🌳 approx. 7 ha of greenery, including approx. 2 ha of a central park
🏫 public primary school for approximately 650 students, which will be handed over to the local government
Planned start of construction of phase I: Q4 2025.

More information on the dialogue and the meeting schedule can be found here: www.fso-park.pl/dialog

We invite you to participate in the dialogue regarding phase I of the F.S.O. PARK, which will last from April 15 to May 15 this year.

On March 22, we celebrate World Water Day established by the UN

Water plays a huge role in nature, and therefore in human life. Unfortunately, billions of people around the world do not have access to running and clean drinking water, and this problem also affects people in Europe. This is due, among other things, to climate change, and the situation is expected to get even worse! According to UN forecasts, the demand for water will double by 2050, and more than half of the world’s population may be at risk of water deficit.

On the occasion of World Water Day, Hansgrohe Polska, which, together with OKAM, co-created a space for the EcoCentrum “Punkt Zwrotny” in the FSO Main Gate, invited architects and the media to “Punkt Zwrotny” to talk about how architecture and design can help fight the access to water crisis.

The special guest of the event was Ewa Ewart, author of the award-winning documentary “To the Last Drop”. The film reveals how irresponsible and thoughtless human actions lead to the water crisis.

But it also inspires – we learn the stories of people who fight for clean and healthy rivers, it shows that we can contribute to solving this crisis.
Taking care of the gift of life, which is water, is an important element of the landscape of our F.S.O. PARK investment 🌳 🏠 💧 🚴 The project will be implemented in a sustainable way, with care for the natural environment. Our plans include, among others: installation of a 100% rainwater retention system. It is to be fully developed on our 62 ha plot using rain gardens, infiltration basins, bioretention ditches, retention ponds and underground seepage tanks. The recovered water will first be used to maintain the water level in retention ponds and then redirected to the toilet flushing installation or public sewage system. We also plan to use local pre-treatment stations for the recovery of gray sewage from apartments.


Let’s remember to save water every day, not only on World Water Day!

10 new lease contracts on the plot of the former FSO in Warsaw.

Recently, we have concluded 10 new lease agreements on the property of the former FSO in Warsaw, at 88 Jagiellońska street, with a total rentable area exceeding 13,000 sq m. These contracts cover office, warehouse and yard spaces, bringing various benefits to companies operating in the warehousing, service, transport and education industries. Currently, over 150 different companies and organizations operate on the plot.

As Arie Koren, CEO of OKAM City, emphasizes:
“We renew lease agreements with existing tenants and conclude new contracts. We do not have to convince partners of the advantages of our offer – location, flexibility in cooperation and, finally, diversity of space – these advantages appeal to other companies and organizations that join the group of our partners. Despite the target plans for the next quarter of a century, the multi-stage nature of the future F.S.O. PARK project will allow these entities to operate in our area for years to come on attractive terms.”

We would like to thank all people involved in the transaction!


EkoCentrum Punkt Zwrotny nominated in the category: Initiative of the Year!

We are pleased to announce the nomination for the EkoCentrum Punkt Zwrotny located at the main gate of F.S.O. PARK in the Warszawiaki 2023 plebiscite in the INITIATIVE OF THE YEAR category! Point Turning Point was nominated for its environmental protection activities!

For the 8th time, Warsaw residents choose the best in Warsaw in 11 categories: cafe, restaurant, sport, culture, entertainment, district, initiative, photo, event, Varsovian of the Year 2023 and Warsaw online.

The final voting will last until February 29 this year, time: 23:59:59.

More information can be found here: https://warszawiaki.pl/k/inicjatywa-roku/

We are super proud! We encourage you to vote. Congratulations to everyone involved in this fantastic project: Punkt Zwrotny!

We would also like to thank the renovation partners who contributed to the renovation of the space at the FSO gate where Punkt Zwrotny is located:

– Archidesk.pl

– Martyna Banaszczuk Architekt Wnętrz

– Ceramika Paradyż

– MAPEI Polska

– Unicell

– hansgrohe

Thank you!


Breakfast meeting: Brands are people!

We invite you to “Meeting for breakfast #2 `24”.

When? 29/02/2024 at: 12:30 – LIVE – https://archidesk.pl/timeline-event/645/

Anna Watkowska, Member of the Management Board of OKAM City and Leader of the F.S.O. PARK project will take part in a discussion on the topic: Brands are people, in the context of our F.S.O. PARK 🌳🏃‍♂️💚

Link to the agenda of the entire event: https://archidesk.pl/timeline-event/645/

Program partner: Końskie Group: instagram.com/konskiegroup/

Program organizer: Archidesk.pl, www.instagram.com/archidesk.pl/

A walk around the FSO as part of the 376th Birthday of Praga.

On February 17, a sentimental walk took place around the premises of the former Passenger Car Factory at 88 Jagiellońska St. in Warsaw, as part of the 376th Birthday of Praga.

„It was the great pleasure that we joined this year’s “Praga Birthday” celebration, we opened the gate to everyone willing – residents of Praga Północ, residents of Warsaw, guests from other cities, former FSO employees, moto enthusiasts, anyone who wanted to join us. It was a unique opportunity to return to the past and visit the most important corners of the former FSO,” says Anna Watkowska, Member of the Board of OKAM City and Leader of the F.S.O. PARK Project.

Event program:

Start: February 17 (Saturday)

From 12:00 to 2:30 p.m.

88 Jagiellońska St., Praga Północ, Warsaw

  • Meeting at 12:00 at the main gate of the former FSO plant.
  • A walk around the premises of the former factory: Welding Shop, Assembly Plant, Pressure Plant.
  • Visiting the Paint Shop – “Exhibition at the Factory”.

We are glad that the walk met with such great interest. Thank you for coming in such large numbers and we hope that the time spent together was valuable and interesting for everyone.

F.S.O. PARK during 4 Design Days – 25-28/01/2024.

During 4 Design Day on January 25-28, the International Congress Center in Katowice will again become the largest space in Poland for conversations about architecture, design, real estate, city development and sustainable design 🌍 Among these conversations there will also be the concept of F.S.O. PARK!

📌 On January 25, architect of F.S.O. PARK: Marta Sękulska-Wrońska CEO of WXCA will be one of the experts of the inaugural session entitled “Immortal design. Eternal architecture. “To live to the age of the Empire State Building and still be as hot as armchair Barcelona.” The topic of the session will be timeless design that stands the test of time and meets the fashion for mass, fast and temporary architecture.

📌 On January 26, Marta will present the architectural and urban concept of our F.S.O. PARK, a vision of a multifunctional, ecological district of the future on the premises of the former Passenger Car Factory.

We keep our fingers crossed for Marta!


We are expanding the number of tenants in the former FSO area – 1,000 m2 leased.

We are pleased to announce that the number of our tenants in the former FSO premises at 88 Jagiellońska St. is growing.

Over 1,000 m2 of warehouse and production space will be occupied by a company from the furniture industry. The contract was concluded for 5 years.

We are in the process of talks with other potential tenants, including “Coffee with electricity”.

The group of over 140 entities operating in this part of Praga-Północ includes, among others: the Warsaw Chamber of Tax Administration, FineTech Construction, LOCONI Intermodal, Nesting Polska, the Habitat for Humanity Poland Foundation and several schools. We still have available space, including office space from 50 to 2,000 m2, warehouse and production space from 100 m2, as well as areas for events, photo sessions and film sets.

Welcome new tenant!


F.S.O. PARK – Meeting for breakfast.

This Wednesday’s “Meeting for Breakfast”! ☕📃

During breakfast, over 60 experts from the architecture, interior design, real estate and finance industries will summarize 2023 and share their plans for 2024.

Of course, we can’t miss it 🙂.
The following will also act as experts:
🟢 Anna Watkowska – Członkini Zarządu OKAM City i Liderka Projektu FSO PARK 🏡🌳
🔴 oraz Marcin Michalec – CEO OKAM Capital.

We invite you to watch the live broadcast – December 20, 2023 (Wednesday), at 8:00:


“Coffee with electricity” at F.S.O. PARK – this is another pro-environmental concept after EkoCentrum “Punkt Zwrotny”.

Near the Main Gate of F.S.O. PARK there will be a charging station for EV electric cars with 14 stations, which will be another pro-environmental element – after the EkoCentrum “Punkt Zwrotny” – on the OKAM plot at ul. Jagiellońska 88 in Praga Północ in Warsaw. The station will be complemented by a cafe where you can not only drink delicious coffee and eat something good, but also work or hold a longer meeting in a larger group, even online, while waiting for the electric vehicle to be charged. The opening of the concept under the working name “Coffee with electricity” is planned for 2024.

W obrębie ok. 3 km od terenu po dawnej Fabryce Samochodów Osobowych przy ul. Jagiellońskiej 88 brakuje kawiarni i restauracji, a jednocześnie na 62 ha działce, należącej do OKAM, swoją działalność prowadzi ponad 140 firm i organizacji, które są także często odwiedzane przez klientów czy kontrahentów. W budynku biurowym dawnego Zarządu FSO mieszczą się także trzy uczelnie: Wyższa Szkoła Edukacji w Sporcie, Wyższa Szkoła Bankowa i Prywatne Liceum Sportowe.
Przez tę część Pragi Północ przejeżdża codziennie tysiące aut. 

Aby jeszcze bardziej ułatwić obecnym i przyszłym najemcom oraz okolicznym mieszkańcom życie, a także zadbać o środowisko naturalne, postanowiono połączyć kawiarnię ze stacją ładowania pojazdów elektrycznych. Lokal będzie liczył ok. 93 mkw. powierzchni i usytuowany zostanie w prawej części Budynku Bramy Głównej F.S.O. PARK, obecnie poszukiwany jest partner biznesowy. Tuż obok kawiarni stworzona zostanie nowoczesna, wciąż jedna z nielicznych w stolicy, stacja do ładowania samochodów elektrycznych EV, z 14 stanowiskami.

  • Powstanie stacji do ładowania aut elektrycznych to kolejny ekologiczny krok na terenie planowanej przez nas inwestycji F.S.O. PARK. We wrześniu br. otworzyliśmy w Budynku Bramy Głównej EkoCentrum “Punkt Zwrotny”. Jednocześnie w okolicy brakowało miejsca do społecznej integracji dla tysięcy osób, które tu pracują, uczą się czy odwiedzają tę okolicę, stąd pomysł na stworzenie przestrzeni pod kawiarnię, w której będą mogli spotykać się nie tylko Ci, którzy będą chcieli podładować swoje auto, ale również Ci, którzy przy pysznej kawie będą chcieli spotkać się, porozmawiać, odbyć biznesowe spotkanie czy po prostu miło spędzić ze sobą czas. W końcu F.S.O. PARK to “Miejsce, które łączy” – mówi Anna Watkowska, Członkini Zarządu OKAM City i Liderka Projektu F.S.O. PARK.

Inwestycja F.S.O. PARK realizowana będzie przez OKAM przez ok. 25 lat, na działce o wielkości 62 ha zlokalizowanej na Pradze Północ w Warszawie. Koncepcja architektoniczna zakłada stworzenie wielofunkcyjnego i ekologicznego Miasta Przyszłości, uwzględniającego nowoczesne rozwiązania technologiczne oraz zrównoważony rozwój. F.S.O. PARK będzie miejscem charakteryzującym się wysoką jakością życia, łączącym funkcję mieszkaniową, biurową, usługowo-handlową, edukacyjną, kulturową czy rekreacyjną. Aż 20 ha stanowić będą tereny zielone, z czego 10 ha – centralny park. Zastosowany zostanie również szereg rozwiązań ekologicznych, w tym panele fotowoltaiczne, kolektory słoneczne, pompy ciepła i ogniwa fotowoltaiczne z perowskitu, a także system całkowitej retencji wody opadowej oraz wewnętrzna sieć niskotemperaturowa.



EkoCentrum “Punkt Zwrotny” in F.S.O. PARK – Summary of activities in 2023.

EkoCentrum Punkt Zwrotny in F.S.O. PARK – this is where the change begins!

This is a place for young people that, based on popular escape rooms, provides knowledge about fast fashion and sustainable development in a very interesting formula.

Only 3 months have passed since the opening of “Punkt Zwrotny” in September this year and it has already been visited by 141 school groups, and another 95 are already registered. That’s almost 4,000 visitors in total.

EkoCentrum builds an audience – both among students, teachers and adults (events/open days/film screenings). Among other things, certificates for teachers visiting the EcoCentrum have been introduced, and regular Open Days of “Punkt Zwrotny” for families are planned soon.

We can’t wait to have more fantastic plans for 2024. Congratulations and thank you for being with us.



F.S.O. PARK on the EurobuildCEE FM podcast!

About preparations for the implementation of stage I of F.S.O. PARK and investment values, recently opened at 88 Jagiellońska St.: Climate Education Center Punkt Zwrotny and the planned exhibition “Exhibition at the Factory” with vintage cars, including: produced at FSO, which will be led by Maciej Bień – says Anna Watkowska, Member of the OKAM City Management Board and F.S.O. Project Leader. PARK.

🟢 We invite you to listen to the broadcast: https://eurobuildcee.com/news/56998-anna-watkowska-o-miasteczku-fso-park




Online art auctions. Artists for horses.

We put aside horsepower for those full of life!

🟢 December 10 (Sunday) at 4:00 p.m., at the main gate of FSO PARK, Fundacja KTOŚ dla koni will conduct an online auction of nearly 90 paintings.

🟢 Objective? Helping animals living in 𝗞𝗧𝗢𝗦𝗜𝗢𝗪𝗢 Azyl dla koni, that is 28 horses.


🎥 View the catalog of works up for auction:



Surrounded by forests and fields 𝗞𝗧𝗢𝗦𝗜𝗢𝗪𝗢 Azyl dla koni, is located in the province Masovian Voivodeship, 2 km from the market square in Jeruzalu.

It was here that these intelligent animals found safety and happiness, and trusted humans again. Here, people also learn empathy towards animals, understanding their needs and proper treatment.

🎥 Watch a video about Azyl „Ktosiowo”:

Let’s help Azyl survive this difficult moment so that he can continue his mission.





Successes and challenges on the path of a business woman in 2024.

Time for new inspirations, meeting new people and developing skills!

A great meeting in which Anna Watkowska, Member of the Management Board of OKAM City and Lider of F.S.O. PARK Project had the pleasure of representing OKAM during the 3rd Women of the 21st Century Congress:

When: November 24, 2024, 11:00 a.m., room 2.
Where: Hotel Arche Krakowska in Warsaw.

The conversation was led by the President of the Union of Polish Entrepreneurs, Łukasz Malczyk, and the discussion was attended by:

– Sylwia Kuligowska – Founder and head of SCOPE PR.

– Anna Watkowska – Member of the Management Board of OKAM City and Lider of F.S.O. PARK Project.

– Kasia Paskuda – Editor-in-chief of Kultura mody.pl / Photographer / Image consultant in the media.

A full room during a lecture certainly proves how important such meetings are. Women have power!

OKAM City responsible for the implementation of F.S.O. PARK received the status of: Partner for Climate 2023.

“Partnership for Climate” – comprehensive, innovative educational and promotional activities related to the issue of climate change, which aim to support cities towards climate neutrality. The Platform organizes various events, including: conferences, debates, ecological actions aimed at exchanging experiences and increasing public awareness of environmental and climate protection.

The main thematic areas in which the capital city Warsaw will undertake activities under the “Partnership for Climate” which include energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, environmentally friendly transport and the promotion of an ecological lifestyle.

The partners of the “Partnership for Climate” are organizations and institutions representing very diverse environments, including: government and local government administration units, embassies, non-governmental organizations and institutions for which climate protection is a priority. In their daily activities, the partners show concern for the environment, and by participating in the “Partnership for Climate” they prove their commitment to nature conservation and building a sustainable city.


PUNKT ZWROTNY – the place where change begins.

The modern EcoCentrum was established on the premises of F.S.O. PARK – 21/09/2023.

Point Zwrotny is a new place on the map of Warsaw, where you can discover the secrets of fast fashion by solving eco-puzzles. A modern EcoCentrum was established in Praga Północ, on the premises of F.S.O. PARK, on a plot belonging to OKAM City, and from today will educate mainly young people about circularity and sustainable fashion free of charge. However, it will not be standard learning, but experience and education through games!

The main theme of Punkt Zwrotny is the fashion industry – this is no coincidence, because young people build their identity, among others. through clothes, accessories and appearance. As many as 62 million tons of clothing are produced in the world annually, and every fifth item is never sold and becomes waste, and only 1 percent of clothing is recycled. Additionally, the production of clothing involves not only the use of materials, but also natural resources. Producing just one T-shirt requires using over 8,000 liters of water – almost twice as much as a standard garden swimming pool.

– Reports claim that young people are aware of changes taking place in the climate but do not have sufficient knowledge and tools to understand their consequences, which is why they often they take a passive attitude towards this phenomenon. “If I have to die anyway, let it be in fashionable shoes,” one teenager told us during interviews. This was the impulse to create an alternative form of ecological education. Game play, cooperation, good and interesting graphics, multimedia and expert knowledge provided in an interactive form are the ingredients of the recipe for Punkt Zwrotny. We have been designing innovative tools for ecological education for 10 years, and creating an interactive EcoCentrum was Mamy Projekt’s biggest dream. Come by and see for yourself how it turned out. – one of the initiators of the project, Małgosia Żmijska, from Mamy Projekt foundation, which initiated the project, encourages you to visit.

From September 21 this year school children can visit Punkt Zwrotny for free. Joanna Studzińska from Mamy Projekt foundation notes: We invite groups of school children to have fun together in four thematic rooms. In each of them, you can discover new secrets of fast fashion through puzzles and games. Players will spot manipulations in advertising and social media, see circularity in practice, when sorting waste, they will check how to read labels. During the workshops, they will save a forest cut down for viscose production and calculate how much water is needed to produce cotton. At the end, we will all meet in a round forum, where, together with the educator, we will consolidate the knowledge gained at Punkt Zwrotny.

– We are glad that this noble ecological initiative has arrived within our walls – it is the first step towards the sustainable City of the Future that we want to create in Warsaw’s Praga Północ district. Creating the concept of F.S.O. PARK, we wanted to draw more attention to the challenges of today’s world, including climate change and the noise that surrounds us, raising public awareness in this regard. Today, we are already building a community of people, companies and organizations around these topics that share our values – we are glad that Mamy Projekt is among them. The investment we are planning will be focused on ecology, including deconcreting the space, reducing plastic consumption, temperature and CO2 emissions – it is to bring life to a higher quality, healthier and more conscious – emphasizes Anna Watkowska, Member of the Management Board of OKAM City and Leader of the F.S.O. PARK.

To take part in free classes, school classes can register using the form available at: https://punktzwrotny.com/zapisy/ On weekends, Less Waste workshops, educational meetings, clothes exchanges will be held at Punkt Zwrotny, and the EcoCentrum will be cooperate with various organizations, e.g. Earth Day Every Day or the Buy Responsibly Foundation.

More information about Punkt Zwrotny: www.punktzwrotny.com

More information about F.S.O. PARK: www.fso-park.pl

OKAM thanks to the renovation partners:

  • Archidesk
  • Martyna Banaszczuk
  • Paradyż
  • Mapei
  • Unicell
  • Hansgrohe


A unique vision for the development of 62 ha of the former FSO area – possible to implement with the support of the Warsaw authorities and business partners.

The concept of the Master Plan is based on the values: ecology, education, community, healthy lifestyle.

Multifunctional and sustainable City of the Future – 20 ha of greenery, including 10 ha of a central park, a number of ecological solutions, a refined architectural layout with modern apartments, educational institutions, as well as commercial, service and office spaces – a place to live, work, but above all, to high quality of life. This is the vision of F.S.O. PARK – an investment that OKAM will implement from start to finish in Warsaw’s Praga-Północ district. Commencement of works on a 62 ha plot at 88 Jagiellońska in Warsaw, as part of the first stage, is planned for the beginning of 2025, and the implementation of the entire project will take approximately 25 years. The concept of the Master Plan for the entire area, in the presence of architectural studios, partners and local government authorities, was announced by OKAM on September 12 this year.

– For over 2 years since the purchase of the plot, we have been working intensively with local authorities and organizations, partners and experts to develop a common vision of the future of the former FSO area that is satisfactory for all parties. When creating the concept of its development, we were guided primarily by the desire to build a place that would be characterized by a high quality of life, responding to the needs of contemporary and future generations. F.S.O. PARK is intended to be a place that connects the local community, business and local authorities on various levels around such ideas, including: such as: education, ecology and community. We assumed sustainable revitalization, combining historical elements with new functionalities and modern solutions, including pro-environmental ones – which would create a sustainable, multifunctional City of the Future. – points out Arie Koren, founder of OKAM Capital and CEO of OKAM City, the company implementing the investment.

  And adds:

– For such a revolutionary concept of F.S.O. PARK had a chance to become a reality, good will and commitment of everyone is necessary, from local government institutions, local organizations to partners and experts, as well as the local community, we will not be able to achieve it alone. We believe that only together we can change the face of the post-industrial areas in Praga-Północ district and give them a new life. We hope that together we can change this small part of the world for the better and that others will follow in our footsteps.

The architectural vision of the area was created by OKAM, in cooperation with the WXCA and SAWAWA studios. It refers to the Master Plan implemented by Dawos at the request of the Warsaw City Hall in 2019.

OKAM purchased a run-down post-industrial area of the former Passenger Car Factory in 2021. Having experience in the revitalization of post-factory areas and paying attention to history, the developer decided two years ago to preserve selected buildings or their fragments, which was included in the Master Plan concept.

As Anna Watkowska, Member of the OKAM City Management Board and F.S.O. Project Leader, points out. PARK:

– In line with the idea of “from high quality of work to high quality of life” we want to create a unique, open living space for people who are aware of themselves, their expectations and values from the area that was once a workplace. Our main goal is to draw attention to the challenges of the modern world, including: increasing levels of environmental pollution, increasing CO2 emissions, social isolation, noise and insufficient education on these topics. Let’s start these changes together at F.S.O. PARK, in a place that is supposed to connect. Thanks to our experience and the scale of the project – 62 ha, we believe that this is absolutely possible, and thanks to this this part of Warsaw will change beyond recognition for current and future generations. We want to carry out an investment combining residential, educational and sports, commercial and service or office spaces, entirely in the spirit of ecology, in cooperation with partners who share values similar to ours and look in the same direction as we do in the spirit of sustainable development.

The usable area of the entire area will be approximately 700,000 sq m, and the PUM area will be almost 440,000 sq m. The first stage is planned to be completed in the first quarter of 2025. As part of the first stage of the project, which will cover approximately 11 ha, some residential buildings with commercial and service areas as well as the first fragment of the park will be built. Ultimately, the entire investment will include approximately 12,000. apartments intended for 17-19 thousand people, as well as approx. 13 thousand new jobs. The entire project is expected to last approximately 25 years.

Multifunctionality for the local community

F.S.O. PARK will not be fenced, it will be an open place for the local community, and the investment will include numerous public spaces. In addition to residential buildings, there will be educational and commercial and service facilities, including space for an eco-market, office space, and zones intended for organizing cultural events. Residents of Warsaw will have free access to, among others: to a green oasis in the form of a 10 ha park, which will be an extremely important element of the project stretching along the entire length of the area.

The concept of the Master Plan assumes the construction of educational institutions, including a primary school for over 650 students (over 200 more than calculated), which is to be built as part of the first stage of the investment. In the future, they have a chance to appear in F.S.O. PARK next educational institutions. OKAM’s vision also assumes the creation of recreational and sports areas adjacent to the space dedicated to educational institutions, as well as, for example, a public skate park, running and bicycle paths – aimed at promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Ecology – conscious and healthy life

One of the most important elements of the investment will be green areas – they will cover approximately 20 ha of the plot, of which 10 ha will be occupied by a park running through the central part of the investment. In order to raise awareness of the impact of ‘green architecture’ on physical and mental health, special greenery will be designed around and on the buildings.

The project will be implemented in accordance with the principles of sustainable construction, and primarily environmentally friendly materials and prefabricated elements will be used. The pro-environmental solutions that OKAM plans to implement in the investment will contribute to CO2 reduction, temperature reduction, reduction of waste production, plastic consumption and individual combustion wheeled transport, as well as to the development of renewable energy sources. In addition to climate protection, they will ultimately translate into reducing the costs of electricity and water consumption, as well as improving the quality of life of residents and tenants.

For about 2 years, the developer has been building a Business Community of innovative companies around the project’s vision that share similar ecological values – among them are: WXCA, SAWAWA, Buro Happold, DB Energy, Saule Technologies, Viessmann, Pekabex, Hansgrohe, Paradyż, Unicell, Mapei, ArchiDesk and Martyna Banaszczuk’s Studio. The project area may include renewable energy solutions: photovoltaics, solar collectors, heat pumps and perovskite photovoltaic cells. Thanks to renewable energy, it will be possible to reduce the demand for electricity from the grid by 20%. A total rainwater retention system and an internal low-temperature network are also planned. Modern solutions, according to the assumptions, will allow for 100 percent reduce the demand for thermal energy from the network needed for water heating and air conditioning in the summer months, and also by 34% lower demand for thermal energy from the network in winter.

To reduce CO2 emissions, the traffic of internal combustion cars, including passenger cars, will be prohibited within the complex. Collective parking lots will be built around the investment, points for delivery vehicles and couriers will also be designated, and OKAM will provide residents and tenants with electric vehicles and bicycles. In close proximity to the areas where F.S.O. PARK will be built there are bus and tram stops, and the Żerań FSO metro station is to be built nearby. Thanks to the extensive road arteries, you can get to the center of the capital in about 20 minutes. Right behind the investment there is also the S8 exit road from Warsaw. Ultimately, the entire project envisages a reduction of as much as 70%. demand for transport by own car.

In the complex at the end of September this year. There will also be an Ecocenter called “Punkt Zwrotny”, where school students will be able to develop their knowledge about ecology and sustainable development free of charge in the form of interactive workshops. Individuals will also be able to take advantage of the Center’s offer. Activities within the initiative will be led by Mam Projekt – a team experienced in building modern tools for ecological education.

More at www.punktzwrotny.com